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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please contact us directly if you cannot find an answer to your question.


It is exciting, social, exhausting, relies on your dog’s natural instinct, and perhaps most important, deepens your connection and communication with your dog.  Searching for prey gives your dog the chance to lead, make decisions, build a new language to ‘talk with you’, and show you how you can trust your partner (and best friend).

Who can participate?

Everyone! Sniff ‘n’ Seek is a low impact game and there is no physical strain or requirement for dogs or their handlers.  This is a great sport for older dogs who are less active, and still want to be engaged and stimulated.  Small dogs, older dogs, tripods and all owners are on equal footing with young pups and active working dogs.

Job Security of our esteemed Rats

Ask to meet Trixie & Peaches!!


We are committed to providing a safe environment for dogs, owners and rats.  We could not do this without our rat partners.  If a rat does not enjoy the sport, they are retired.  

Rat stewa

rdship is a top priority – the game only works if we have healthy and happy rats, that are playful and enjoy taunting the dogs.  All of the rats are beloved family pets that eagerly jump into their comfortable and well aerated tube, and highly rewarded for doing so.

This sport was developed over a decade ago -- prioritizing rat safety and job satisfaction.  We employ the Barn Hunt Association’s rat handling guidelines, which is approved by the American Kennel Association.

What is BARN HUNT?

Sniff ‘n’ Seek is based on the sport of Barn Hunt. We have applied to start a NYC Barn Hunt Club, and hope to offer competitive Barn Hunt affiliated Trials and Fun Tests.  We encourage everyone to register their dog with the Barn Hunt Association. Check out more info on our Barn Hunt page!

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