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"Training for Barn Hunt radically transformed my older dog from a shy and bored senior to one who exudes confidence and now has pep in her step.  She drags me to SNIFF 'N' SEEK and is so damn proud of her 'work'.  Loving it."  (Bailey D, NYC)


"I've been mentoring Jenny / SNIFF 'N' SEEK to open in NYC and I am super excited that this large population of owners and dogs can access Barn Hunt.  The team has been working super hard to create an incredible facility.  I can't wait to see how much New Yorkers and their dogs fall in love with the Sport, and see their dogs transform before their eyes!"  Eva Fowler, author of Barn Hunt: A Game of Hide & Seek for Dogs


"In my 25 years as a dog trainer, I have always reinforced the importance of nose work -- it is critical to a dog's mental health and well-being.  A dog's nose is its greatest sensory organ.  Training for Barn Hunt is an incredible way to bond with your dog, and is a remarkable tool for those with behavioral problems, and those less agile." (Savannah G, NYC)


"Although competition may not be right for every dog, every dog loves this activity and can benefit greatly from it!  You see...  Nosework taps into what is called the "Seeking System" in the brain.  It’s a part of the brain that is also responsible for the release of the neurotransmitter called Dopamine. Dopamine increases our level of arousal (attention), feelings of motivation and reward and related to an enhanced memory. Dopamine feels good. 

  • For young dogs, it's a super way to get that mental exercise!  If you have a dog who still have open growth plates, this is a great way to wear your young dog out with risk of injury.

  • For old dogs, this is a super activity that keeps minds sharp and perspectives optimistic and engaged.  

  • Although important for every dog, consider the sports dog who has been retired from a more rigorous sport with a still active mind!

  • For dogs recovering from injuries, this activity is a way to keep they engaged, happy and mentally stimulated / tired during restricted activity.

  • For low confidence dogs, this activity is empowering.  Your dog will learn how to take initiative and build self-confidence.  With careful training, these dogs blossom beyond your biggest expectations.

  • For every dog in between, this is a fun and engaging sport that allows your dog to use his nose which is his strongest sense.  Your dog will become empowered through this training.  And THAT, is a fantastic thing!"

(Fenzi Dog Sports Academy,

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