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Barn Hunt is the fasting growing Dog Sport in the US & EU

Welcome to SNIFF 'N' SEEK, New York City's first and only training center dedicated to the thrilling sport of Barn Hunt, designed exclusively for dogs and their owners. At SNIFF 'N' SEEK, we transform your pet's playtime into an exciting challenge that taps into their natural instincts and abilities. Our unique Hide & Seek game uses bales of hay for your dog to sniff out hidden objects, tapping into the primal skills etched in their DNA.


NYC Dogs are over-domesticated & underemployed, living in small apartments with little outdoor space.  Barn Hunt is the antidote. The benefits are profound, especially for reactive, shy, or older dogs. They gain confidence, independence, and a deep sense of accomplishment from mastering the skills to navigate and problem solve. It's not only about physical activity; it's about mental enrichment and building a stronger bond between you and your pet.


At SNIFF 'N' SEEK, we promise more than just a game; we offer a transformative

experience that will make your dog eager to return. Whether you own a teacup

Yorkie or a Great Dane, we cater to all breeds, welcoming all shapes and sizes

into our safe, engaging environment.


Train at SNIFF ‘N’ SEEK and watch your dog literally transform before your eyes.  It will strengthen your bond with your dog, it gives our over-domesticated pets a job, and will stimulate and challenge your 4-legged friend.  Your Dog will drag you here!

Not everyone will understand the importance of “rat catchers,” but if you live in the countryside, you sure do! “Rat catchers” rid farms of destructive vermin – and the hunting and teamwork skills required to do so are the foundation of the sport of Barn Hunt. Dogs and their handlers work as a team to locate and mark rats (which are always safely held in aerated tubes) hidden in a maze of straw or hay bales.

Some breeds are specifically created to fill this role as well as some mixed breeds being up to the task, but as long as your dog can fit through an 18″ wide by bale-height tall tunnel, he’s eligible! “Barn Hunt tests the nose, speed, agility, and surefootedness of dogs that have a history of above-ground vermin hunting,” said Robin Nuttall, founder of the Barn Hunt Association.”

Barn Hunt events include a pass/fail instinct class for owners who want to familiarize their dog with the test. Courses are made increasingly difficult by adding more obstacles, additional diversions and more rats to find. There are several types of Barn Hunt titles your dog can earn:

  • Novice Barn Hunt (RATN),

  • Open Barn Hunt (RATO),

  • Senior Barn Hunt (RATS),

  • Master Barn Hunt (RATM),

  • Barn Hunt Champion (RATCh),

  • Master Champion (RATChX),

  • Crazy 8s Bronze (CZ8B),

  • Crazy 8s Silver (CZ8S),

  • Crazy 8s Gold (CZ8G),

  • Crazy 8s Platinum (CZ8P)

The Barn Hunt Association is an independent organization where titles earned can be recognized by The American Kennel Club. Titles earned in Novice and above will be recognized by The American Kennel Club. To apply for your dog’s Barn Hunt title simply complete the application.



WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading Eva Fowler's insightful and comprehensive book about the multiple benefits to owners and dogs of playing this growing canine sport.

Barn Hunt Association

We would not be here today without the Barn Hunt Association, and we encourage everyone to register their dog with the Barn Hunt Association, to learn more about Barn Hunt, support the sport and participate in competitive Trials.

Bringing The Barn to NYC

We wanted to try Barn Hunt for years, and there were no facilities within 30 miles of New York City, or less than an hour away.  We finally did our first clinic in New Jersey, and were hooked!  We have participated in Barn Hunt activities in New Jersey, Connecticut and Texas, which led us to bring the sport to New York City.

Join our Application to become a Club!  

Currently we are not directly affiliated with the Barn Hunt Association, although many Club leaders and Judges have and continue to mentor us.  We have applied to start a local New York City club, to support the sport and offer Trials and Fun Runs.  

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