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I started SNIFF N SEEK in JAN 2024 because my 7-year old dog transformed before my eyes by doing scent work, and I want to provide NYC’s > 500,000 Dogs with the same benefits of scent work — including mental well-being, stress and anxiety reduction, improved behavior and an activity that literally every dog loves: using their next-gen super computer nose to find hidden objects.  Scent Work and Barn Hunt builds your dog’s confidence, develops your dog’s sense of mastery and accomplishment, while releasing copious amounts of dopamine.

Our dogs are over-domesticated and under employed! After watching Felix enjoy training for Barn Hunt and seeing him transform from a skittery and reserved city dog to a confident and focused companion, who is excited to work and use his natural scent-sniffing skills, I opened SNIFF ‘N’ SEEK for the more than 500,000 dogs in NYC and their owners. To enhance a Person and it’s Dog’s relationship with one another and find a new joy in barn hunting together.  Plus, it’s really fun!

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